Link to us

You can use this banner to link to IHC’s website:

Just copy/paste this code wherever you want the banner to appear


5 Responses to “Link to us”

  1. Marcy Newman Says:

    The site is awesome and I love the campaign. You are a talented thinker and graphic designer! I would love to past the code on my blog, but it doesn’t seem to be working. All of my codes on my blog have a code beginning with: . Perhaps this is why?

  2. fraise Says:

    Thanks 🙂
    Fixed the code, it should work now.

  3. waleed Says:

    ufuf! i finally found a place i could call home.
    feel free to use this banner
    i’ve been doing these anti “culture” slogans for a while now and now i fund a place to host them!

    i sent you an email about this too, waiting for your reply.

  4. Marcy Newman Says:

    It’s still not quite working. I wonder if you could check out my blog and see the error and let me know what’s wrong with the coding?


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